VR Setup


Set up your Quest 2 Headset

Watch this tutorial to set up your Quest 2 account and get acquainted with your headset. Check our FAQ for tips and common troubleshooting issues.

After you set up, we suggest trying out First Steps, a game to help you get comfortable in VR.


  • Double check you are using the correct login credentials
  • Confirm your username was added as a host or group member by emailing support@linktovr.com
  • You can find the full instructions on the Oculus site: How to factory reset your Quest 2
  • When Factory resetting the headset without a phone, hold down the power button and the volume button ( -not + ). Once the headset starts booting up and you see the Oculus logo IMMEDIATELY take fingers off buttons so as not to click on “Boot system.” This may take a couple of tries.
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